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I Am The 47 Percent

I Am The 47 Percent

We own a business. We pump septic tanks, provide portable restrooms for weddings, graduations and constructions jobs. We used to do installations of new septic systems for contractors, back when the housing market was a rapidly growing bubble of nothing.  That construction was where we were making our money. We had a good living going […]

Welfare Queens Sacrifice Their Sons To The Military Too

I had a conversation today with a 66 year old home care client of mine which has me thinking about things. I’m using this post to put everything down in black and white to help my process. Many of the opinions expressed in this post are not mine, they are the thoughts of a military […]

John Galt Is A Fictional Character And So Is The Sandman

Since I do home care for a living, the GOP efforts to reduce spending by changing and in some cases doing away with the programs that pay for this service are of interest to me. The services I render to these people are paid for through NYS Medicaid. They receive food stamps and one of […]


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