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Jon Jones BUSTED! Again

Jon Jones BUSTED! Again

Once again Jon Jones has proven that no matter how successful his life can be, or could have been, he manages a way to screw it up. The first time I really paid attention to Jon Jones was the time when, on the way to UFC 128,  to fight Mauricio Rua, for the UFC Light-Heavyweight […]

The Expendables – Female Version

The Expendables – Female Version

Well there’s been some speculation on a female cast version of The Expendables, and it seems everyone has their own version of what the cast should consist of. None of which I agree with. So lets start off with saying on a seven member cast you need at least 2 real fighters who have a […]

What inspires me to write

What inspires me to write

Ok, after being asked in a different thread what inspires me to write, I decided it’d be a cool thing to ask everyone – so what inspires you to write, create art, or make music? I write because I must. At this point I’m quite addicted to the printed word, and any author will tell […]

Another Monday

Another Monday

So here we are, another Monday arrived, and a very radical mood change for the better. Despite the issues we’re facing today (you’ll hear about those in a sec) all is right with the world. Why? Because Trish is home and we’re cleaning house. In fact, I’m writing this between bouts of deep-cleaning the fridge. […]

Tales from the Convenience Store: Officer Friendly

So there was this drunk… Saturday a couple of weeks ago I had the dubious pleasure of working the afternoon/early evening shift. It was hot, as Texas weather usually is during the late summer, so we were selling massive quantities of beer. Amidst the hustle and bustle of rapid fire transactions I looked out into […]

Tales from the Convenience Store 3

This one’s a bit dated, having occurred about 4 days after Katrina. Episode 3 – Be Prepared It was a hot, dry, dusty afternoon outside as I stood working the 1pm-9pm, the toughest shift for the store all week. It’s me, myself, and I manning the register, listening to the complaints of ultra high gas […]


“Can I?” “Should I?” “Is it right?” Your shyness overcomes. Hiding in a corner, you slowly die of fright And all your courage runs Rampant through your mind its telling You to state the idea you’re selling. Then shyness overcomes. A moment lost, the conversation moves just the same nothing new is learned because your […]

Writer’s Block

Every day a new work weighs deeply in my thoughts. It travels through my arm but my pen refuses to write it. Stupid pen! Every day I try a new one, but all refuse, just like the one from the previous day. Every day a new work weighs heavy in my mind. It travels to […]


In my mind there is a place I can retreat to. There are no wars, only peaceful silence. All who live there know me, and I am loved by everyone. For in my mind, I rule, and I cannot be controlled. But in my mind I’m also a prisoner, locked in the enver ending battle […]

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